We provide a perfect power solution for the global manufacturers and users of portable electronic products.


In the 21st century, all kinds of electronic products emerge. And there are various portable electronic products such as digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA, voice recorders and game consoles. These innovative electronic products conform to the trend of the times. They not only provide convenience for consumers and enhance the quality of life, but also consume a large amount of non-renewable resources – batteries. So how to minimize resource consumption and protect the environment? Only through an appropriate set of solutions, let the batteries can be interchanged and used among the various electrical equipment, so as to minimize the waste of resources. Now, we have planned a set of perfect power solutions, to ultimately realize the global battery universal standardization through gradual spreading.

The development status of the battery

At present, the development of battery industry has basically formed two kinds of patterns:

The traditional standardized battery (cylindrical battery):

mainly including disposable batteries and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, among which AA/AAA battery is most widely used, standard battery is favored by a great number of users with its standardization, versatility, and convenience. It is also the reason why universal battery is so popular all over the market. Disadvantages: the nature of the materials has limited the further development of the traditional standard battery, making it can only be used in some electronic devices with small power consumption, such as radio, remote control, electronic clock, etc.

Special Battery (Square battery):

it refers to the lithium ion batteries widely used in the market. Lithium ion battery is recognized as the most superior secondary battery in the world, called "The Ultimate Battery". Because of its high energy, long service life, no memory effect, low self-discharge, green feature, and many other advantages, it is widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, camcorders, digital cameras and other devices with larger power consumption. Disadvantages: equipment manufacturers are independent from each other and they have no unified production standard for lithium-ion batteries. Batteries are in different shapes and sizes. Many electronic devices are equipped with special lithium batteries. All these result that batteries cannot be used between various devices. Even the same series products of a manufacturer are also cannot be in common use because of their different types. It largely increases the users' cost. There is a greater concern for users. For instance, if one has bought an electronic product equipped with dedicated battery. It implies that he cannot buy the matched battery any more once this product stops production.

Thus it can be seen that, there are inevitably short slabs in both
the two patterns of the development of the battery industry.

Our solution

On the basis of the strengths of the universality of traditional standard battery and the performance of special battery performance, we make it universal, standardized and intelligent by optimizing the structure and accessing the standard ones, so as to make it economic, convenient, save resources and green. At the same time, we also address the universalization problem of contemporary and future battery development.

First step

Introduce the best contemporary lithium battery technology with performance advantages into the standardized universal battery field, allowing the electronic devices using AA / AAA standard batteries to enjoy the convenience brought by lithium-ion technology.


PH series of KENTLI universal rechargeable lithium battery uses lithium-ion polymer cells, to make the battery fully compatible and replace the disposable batteries and the traditional nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries through the voltage conversion technology.

Second step


This series, to some extent, has followed the structural characteristics of disposable batteries and KENTLI PH series batteries and imported the standard and unified lithium polymer batteries. The unified standard interface is not designed without foundation. Its biggest feature is to make the battery gently and naturally develop into the standardization through structural optimization based on the versatile standard battery and without abandoning the traditional universal battery.

AU series battery is designed with 1 positive electrode and 2 negative electrodes. It can be used as the dry batteries. It can also take power, according to the actual needs, from one end of the battery, to save product space.

AU Series battery, according to the sizes, can be divided into:

AU series battery is designed with 1 positive electrode and 2 negative electrodes. It can be used as the dry batteries. It can also take power, according to the actual needs, from one end of the battery, to save product space.

The benefits of standardized battery

The popularity and promotion of universal battery is the trend of the development of the global battery industry. It is a great project good for our people and country. The battery's global universalization process needs everyone's participation.